Single-dose intravenous nefopam on postoperative catheter-related bladder discomfort in patients undergoing transurethral resection of prostate: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial
Fa-Ngam Charoenpol, Nutchanok Khampitak, Charinee Aimnang, Kachit Pachirat, วิเชียร ศิริธนะพล, Ukrit Rompsaithong, Pakorn Kiatsopit, Supanut Lumbiganon*
Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand; Email: [email protected].

Purpose: Transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) with postoperative catheter traction can lead to significant catheter-related bladder discomfort (CRBD). This condition causes many postoperative complications and low patient satisfaction. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of preoperative single-dose intravenous nefopam on the incidence and severity of CRBD and its adverse effects.

Methods: This randomized, controlled, double-blind study included patients who underwent TURP under spinal anesthesia with postoperative urinary catheter traction. Patients were allocated into nefopam (NF) and normal saline (NS) groups. Twenty mg of nefopam in normal saline solution (NSS) 100 mL or NSS 100 mL were given intravenously before TURP. The primary outcome was the incidence of CRBD.

Results: Seventy-three patients were randomized into NF (n = 37) and NS (n = 36) groups. There were 35 and 33 patients in the NF and NS groups, respectively, in the final analysis. The incidences of CRBD were 45.71% and 84.85% in the NF and NS groups at 6 h after operation, respectively, OR 0.54 (95% CI 0.36, 0.73), while before the end of catheter traction, the corresponding incidences were 37.14% and 75.76%, respectively, OR 0.49 (95% CI 0.28, 0.84). The CRBD scores were statistically significantly lower in the NF group at both time points. Morphine consumptions and adverse effects were not different between groups. Patient satisfaction was higher in the NF group.

Conclusions: Single-dose nefopam significantly reduced the incidence and severity of CRBD in patients undergoing TURP with urinary catheter traction at 6 h after the procedure and before the end of catheter traction without increasing the adverse effects.

Journal of Anesthesia ปี 2566, February ปีที่: 37 ฉบับที่ 1 หน้า 72-78
postoperative pain, TURP, nefopam, Catheter-related bladder discomfort