Effects of Patient Education During Antenatal Care on Preoperative Fasting for Emergency Cesarean Section
Jarupongsa J, Jommarenge P, Pisalayon M*, Tantivitayatan K
Department of Anesthesiology, Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University , Bangkok 10400
Patient education during antenatal care regarding fasting had influence on NPO time of parturients who underwent emergency cesarean section at Ramathibodi Hospital . From July-December 2004, 150 parturients undergoing emergency cesarean section were equally allocated into the informed and non-in-formed groups and randomly interviewed. The study showed that the informed group prepared themselves better than the other group in terms of NPO practice (97.33% VS 57.33%, p < 0.05) and NPO time before operation (13.91 ± 4.54 VS 11.23 ± 5.51 hr respectively, p = 0.0025). After symptoms of labor pain, aminotic fluid leak and bloody show, the informed group fasted longer than non-informed group (9.15 ± 0.21 VS 4.41 ± 3.39 hr, p < 0.05). Patterns of information perception during antenatal care and patient compliance were reviewed and concluded with this study that anesthesiologists could contribute more to parturient cars as multidisciplinary, evidence-based and shared care.
วิสัญญีสาร ปี 2548, July-September ปีที่: 31 ฉบับที่ 3 หน้า 1-5
Cesarean section, Education, emergency, fasting, parturients