Comparison of Early Clinical Outcomes between Intermittent Vascular Inflow Occlusion versus Intermittent Selective Hepatic Vascular Exclusion in Hepatic Resections for Cholangiocarcinoma Patients: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial Study
N Tongsiri*, S Siripornadulsilp, T Impool
Department of Surgery, Sakon Nakhon Hospital, Sakon Nakhon 47000, Thailand; Email:
Background: There were reported benefits of selective hepatic vascular exclusion (SHVE) in reducing intraoperative blood loss (IBL), intraoperative packed red cell (PRC) transfusion, and perioperative complications over intermittent Pringle maneuver (IPM) in hepatectomies. However, there was lack of data regarding the use of SHVE in comparison with IPM in hepatectomies for cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) patients.
Objective: To compare IBL, intraoperative PRC transfusion, total operative time (TOT), and perioperative complications between SHVE and IPM.
Materials and Methods: Between October 2018 and September 2019, forty eligible CCA patients participated in the study. They were randomly allocated to the SHVE group (n=20) or the IPM group (n=20). Data regarding patient demographics, tumor characteristics, and the objectives of the study were gathered and analyzed with intention-to-treat principle.
Results: The median IBL (range) 923.5 (101 to 4,979) versus 1,109 (413 to 5,305) ml; p=0.2, median intraoperative PRC transfusion (range) 112.5 (0 to 1,745) versus 296 (0 to 1,500) ml; p=0.22, and median TOT (range) 390 minute (220 to 915) versus 320 (240 to 930) minutes; p=0.55 between SHVE and IPM were not significantly different. There was no statistical difference in perioperative complications between SHVE and IPM.
Conclusion: Routine use of SHVE during hepatectomies in CCA patients showed no significant difference in outcomes regarding the objectives of the study.
วารสารจดหมายเหตุทางการแพทย์ ปี 2563, June ปีที่: 103 ฉบับที่ 6 หน้า 521-528
Cholangiocarcinoma, Intraoperative blood loss, Selective hepatic vascular exclusion (SHVE), Hepatic vascular exclusion with preservation of caval flow (HVEPV), Hepatic resection, Perioperative complications