Bipolar Light Forceps Use in Neurosurgery
Jakkrit Parito, Veerasak Theeraponcharoen
Division of Neuro surgery, Department of Surgery, Ramathibodi Hospital
Method: The small light bulb is installed in one arm of bipolar forceps to reduce the brain tissues injury. The study is based on the design and medical satisfaction by random and keep the records from 2 difference groups. Ten of first group use bipolar Forceps and the ten of second group use Bipolar Light Foreceps from Satisfactory Visual Scale from February 1st to March 31st, 2003 at Department of Surgery Ramathibodi HospitalResults: 1. Average age, average weight, sex, operation way and operation times usage are not significant defference 2. From Satisfactory Visual scale: Surgeons use Bipolar Forceps more than Bipolar Light Forceps.Conclusion: The designation of Bipolar Light Forceps is useful to increase brightness in the deep and narrow area of operation such as Transphenoid, Retrosigmoid approach. The operation result is not different from the use of Bipolar Forecps because the lack of familliarity and expert which are important factor. So the Bipolar Light Forceps is expected to be developed its feature and tested in the future.
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